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We were able to help 10,000+ students so far in terms of small interaction. A handful of 200+ students have received our closed one-one guidance and they all are doing good in life. We wish to get more mentors on board to impact millions in days to come.


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Our Team provide you good insights to derive your interests and focus. With our analysis, we provide you career options and opportunities through comprehensive guidance program.


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We help beginners from Ideation to Product Launch. It also includes Legalities, Business Models, Strategies and many more.

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To land on a dream job/internship, one has to think wisely. @TAM, we provide complete support to help you land on a dream Job or Internship.

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@TAM, We make young people think and take decisions like leaders. Leadership skills are much needed to lead a team.

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31 Aug
Tech-A-Mania is the best platform you can get in SRM for Mentoring and Guidance throughout, in any journey of yours. Be it in Startups or other Competitive exams.

Akhil Balantrapu

Studied @ SRM University
Tech a mania is a very goodplatform . The mentoring with Nakul sir was very much amazing here you came to know about hidden talents, various important lessons of life,which add a value to your life. I am very much thank ful to Nakul sir who guided me in various stages of life when I got stuck or neeed some help he was always there for me and guided me in the best possible way . I am greatful to have a such amazing person in my life.

Vibhor Aggarwal

Studied @ SRM University
Tech-A-Mania was great event where I as a person could enhance my knowledge and get the necessary guiding force to pursue my future endeavours. A Special Thanks to our Respected Nakul Sir and all the Invited Guest speakers for taking out time from their busy schedules for our benefit and enrichment of our knowledge. The event was great as it gave me knowledge towards pursuing my studies abroad in the future and Internships. One think according to me which could have made the event more enriching for us would be if someone could also guide us regarding our preparation for GRE and TOEFL.

Shivam Gupta

Studied @ SRM University

We launched TAM Ascend - Mentoring Platform!