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It was the year 2012 (month of August) I was returning after taking coaching classes for 8th standard students via local train. Just saw a poor family with a kid trying to overwrite a newspaper in order to learn writing. I felt education should be accessible to all but still it is not reaching to many families. I decided to do something for education system and hence started Tech-A-Mania (Means group of people with technical Craziness for Enriching Education) TAM Enterprises ( formerly known as Tech-A-Mania) played a small contribution to enrich education. Credit goes to our team working day and night on the ground - "Hat's off to all young Leaders" Nakul Mehrotra Founded on 11th Oct 2013
We were able to help 10,000+ students so far in terms of small interaction. A handful of 200+ students have received our closed one-one guidance and they all are doing good in life. We wish to get more mentors on board to impact millions in days to come. We wish to see an India where everyone gets the access to quality education. We believe that the old traditional way of teaching were great We wish to develop mentorship in all area of expertise so that maximum students can utilise the knowledge
2020 : IMPACT 10,000 Students, India 2022 : Develop Online Edu Support system 2025 : Create 1,000 Jobs 2027 : Help 100+ Startups 2030 : Setup Education Institutions - Schools / Universities
Career Services with Personalized support Career Mentoring, CAT preparation, GRE Guidance, Placement Training and Startup Incubation.
Nakul Mehrotra - ceo.techamania@gmail.com | ceo@tamenterprise.com

Nakul Mehrotra

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Founded in 2013 and helped many students

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IITs, NITs, XLRI, IIMs, TCS, CTS & many more colleges and companies